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You will find below the information pertaining to all expenses incurred by the holders of senior positions or chiefs of staff, for their work, that are reimbursed by the Department on presentation of support documents. More precisely, you will find the name and position of the person concerned, the description of each expense, its date and its cost.

Note that the official expenses presented here were incurred in specific circumstances in connection with work, and that they were appropriate to the event for which they were incurred. These official expenses do not constitute a personal advantage.

Furthermore, information on the official expenses of ministers is not distributed, since they are governed by the directive: Le lien suivant ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre. Règlement sur l'allocation forfaitaire de frais de fonction et les autres allocations des membres du Conseil exécutif, which provides for overall monthly accounting rather than per event.

In accordance with the Règlement sur la diffusion de l’information et sur la protection des renseignements personnels, this information is distributed on a quarterly basis.

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